Cowbell Coffee

Delicious, creamy coffee taste with all the energy-giving and nutritional goodness to give your day a lift.

Cowbell Coffee

Creamy, delicious Cowbell Coffee gives your day a lift, anytime, anywhere.

Made from a blend of coffee, creamer and sugar, simply mix Cowbell Coffee milk with hot or cold safe drinking water and enjoy!

  • Product Features
    • Available in a range of convenient pack sizes to suit all needs.
    • Pack sizes include large economical family-sized doy packs as well as single-serve sachets
    • Packaged in laminated foil to ensure the milk stays fresher for longer.
    • Low and affordable prices to suit any pocket.
    • Dissolves instantly in hot or cold previously boiled water.
  • Consumer Benefits



    • Contains proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals essential for the whole family.
    • A coffee milk drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
  • Distribution
    • Competitive prices for wholesalers and retailers.
    • Extensive sales and distribution network across Nigeria.
    • A 24-month shelf life.
    • Marketing and sales support which includes point of sale, consumer promotions, radio, outdoor and TV.
    • Market activations to inform our customers and trade of all the great benefits of Cowbell Coffee milk.