The vision of providing quality, affordable milk powder to the people of Africa has led Cowbell to be Africa's number one brand in small sachets.

Cowbell Our Milk has been perfected over the years to bring you a superior quality powdered milk bursting with nutritional value. Available in a variety of product sizes, Cowbell filled milk powder is convenient and ideal for any occasion.

Instant Filled Milk

Cowbell Our Milk is available in a range of products which include original milk powder as well as chocolate, coffee, strawberry, and sweet milk flavoured milk powders. It is also available in a variety of packaging sizes to suit any need and occasion.

A healthy instant filled milk powder bursting with nutritional value.
Chocolate delight in a nutritious milk drink perfect for any occasion.
A gentle caffeine boost with all the nutritional benefits of ordinary milk.
Our delicious sweet milk drink can be enjoyed at any time and on any occasion.
The fruity flavour and aroma of strawberries in one delicious milk drink.