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Cowbell Chocolate gets a facelift with a new animated TV commercial

The new drink contains all the goodness of our Vitarich formulation plus iron. As part of the re-launch, an exciting new animated TV commercial was created to illustrate how Cowbell gives you the get-up-and-go to be at the top of your game.

The commercial starts off in the real world, where two children are informed that the Choco formula has been stolen and that they should get it back at all costs. What follows is an adventure into an animated world where the children, helped by the Cowbell family, have to use all their skills to retrieve the formula. It’s a captivating high-speed chase through the streets of a futuristic, animated world created entirely for this commercial. The commercial uses the same cutting edge 3-D animation you would see on Pixar productions like Toy Story and the Incredibles, amongst others.

It goes without saying that the commercial is enjoying rave reviews from adults and children alike, while at the same time lifting the profile of Cowbell Choco to new heights.

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